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How 2 Use The Chamber Link

It all starts with the email newsletter you receive from The Chamber Link twice per month.  Scan up and down the length of the newsletter to get an overview of the great networking and mixing events hosted by the many chambers of commerce in your area or areas.  

From time to time, we send the Online Editions, an email with links to all of The Chamber Link's Monday calendars and newsletters viewable on webpages - very handy if you like to get around!

If you want to receive more areas or less areas newsletters, go here to modify your subscription >
To get a near term overview (this week), stop at the “Mixing It Up” article in the newsletter.  It’s the one with the image of a calendar.  There, you’ll see a list of events for the coming week.  And there, you’ll see a link to click thru to your area’s calendar.
Each area we serve has a calendar.  The calendar is the heart and soul of The Chamber Link, our “Reason for Existence.”  Our Sponsor Chambers add events regularly.  We have staff dedicated to visiting all of the chambers websites, scouring thru their newsletters and sometimes just good old fashioned phone calls to keep our calendar as up-to-date as possible.  We focus our attention on the next 2 to 3 months to be a fresh and relevant planning tool for you.  Visit the calendar often, as we are always adding events as we find them.  
Our calendars are easy to find.  On our website – touch the “Calendars” button (scroll up right now to see it is the button right next to the “Home” button.  A drop-down menu appears.  Click the area you want to see.  Use the “Calendars” button to quickly toggle from one area to another.

Scan the calendar for events that interest you.  Click on any event to see the event details.  From there you can easily download the event to your calendar.  You can email the event to someone else.  You can print the event details.  You can go social and share the event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Pretty cool! Right?
Bookmark the calendar(s) that are useful for you:

Next to the “Calendars” button is a button labeled “Featured” where you can find and scroll thru events and stories which we marked for extra emphasis.  If you have an event or story you’d like us to consider placing there – let us know.  Email with the details, flyer, press release, etc. and we’ll take a look.
Next to “Featured” is the “Sponsors” button.  Here you will find our Sponsor Chambers and Sponsor Businesses.  After 6 years, we are honored to serve 100+ Sponsor Chambers and their members.  With the addition of our newest area (Greater Silicon Valley), we just celebrated our 104th Sponsor Chamber!  Our Sponsor Businesses support our existence and get great exposure and advertising on our website and in our newsletters.  Please consider them for your needs.  And tell them "I found you on The Chamber Link!"  

If your Chamber is not yet a part of The Chamber Link, please ask them to visit here:

Next to “Featured” is “About” where you’ll find recent newsletters, how to contact us, sponsorship info (the same pages as above) and one of our favorite pages,  “kudos” where we publish some of the great things our chambers and members are saying about us.  If you like, send us a kudo for consideration! Email
If you ever spot an error on our website, newsletter, or calendar – don’t hesitate to reach out.  Also – as a disclaimer, we suggest double checking with the chamber or host directly before setting out for an event.

That’s about it!  Enjoy using The Chamber Link as a resource to plan your upcoming networking and mixing activity.  Please consider becoming a Sponsor.  Visit us often, and please go like us on Facebook >
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