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About The Chamber Link

Resource for Chamber Members

The Chamber Link has been of service since 2009 in Contra Costa County, Alameda County, the North Bay, the Greater Sacramento Area and most recently in the Greater Silicon Valley Area.

Sponsored by 100+ Chambers of Commerce, In some areas, The Chamber Link features area-wide calendars with all Chambers of Commerce mixers, as well as events selected by the Sponsor Chambers for announcement.  In areas that are too geographically large for a combined calendar, we feature a Calendar Links page, which will link visitors diectly to the chambers' websites, where each chamber publishes their own calendar.

Chamber members will like the website's calendars - because they are a one-stop resource for viewing all of the area-wide Chambers of Commerce mixers for planning.  You can print or download specific events to your calendar.  You can even have The Chamber Link email you a reminder!

Additionally, The Chamber Link sends newsletters and event alerts by email, informing you of upcoming area-wide events by the Chambers of Commerce.  Please sign up for our newsletter here >

For businesses wanting to advertise to thousands of business contacts area-wide, view our advertising/sponsorship info >

We hope The Chamber Link will prove to be a valuable tool for your business.  Please visit the website often and let us know what you think.

If your Chamber of Commerce is not yet a
Sponsor Chamber:  Please ask your Chamber's
management to contact David de Leeuw
or by phone 925.817.7808

There is no charge for Chambers to join us.
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