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Privacy Policy

The Chamber Link ( ) Privacy Policy:

Whatever minimal information we collect is used to deliver our service and is not shared with outside parties.

Subscribers to our email newsletters and alerts provide us with only one mandatory item, which is their email address.  

Subscribers may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of all of our emails.

Optional subscriber information (name, company, phone number) is rarely used so we no longer intentionally gather it.  We say "rarely" because sometimes we use an email template that says “Hi (First Name), in the introduction block.  Whenever there’s no first name in a contact's info, it says “Greetings!” or its equivalent.

Chambers of Commerce administrative personnel also receive emails from us notifying them if we are promoting a particular event on our website and requesting they review the information we show about that event for accuracy.

Advertisers and sponsors provide us with their credit card number to pay fees.  We use two highly secure transaction processing services.  So secure that the full card number is not available even to us, after first entered into their system.  We are diligent to not record the numbers anywhere else.

Prospective advertisers provide us with more contact information by either filling out an advertising inquiry or providing a business card or by simply telling us who they are.  That information is stored on our computers to facilitate communication between us and to keep notes during the sales cycle and the service cycle.

That’s about it!  

If you have any questions, please contact
David de Leeuw, Publisher
or by phone 925.817.7808

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