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Thanks to The Chamber Link, North Bay Business Journal now has a feed of upcoming events from North Bay chambers of commerce: See the feed here >
North Bay Business Journal

“David, thank you so much for the great job you are doing getting all Chamber events out there. It’s a great resource and a great way to promote our events.
Thanks, again for coming up with this idea and running with it!!! Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”
Joyce Deaver, Office Manager, Martinez Chamber of Commerce

Dear David, Thank you for doing so much for all of the Chambers. We do appreciate the work you do!  You help to make our day often when we hear that people saw our event listed and came because they saw it on The Chamber Link.
-Christina Phipps, Office Manager, Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Love it! Excellent job, David and team - I love this - it saves me bunches of time!
-Liz Franklin MizLizOnBiz.com, Author of “How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson” 

David, so nice to see your little experiment is doing so well. You have really helped bridge the gap between all of us. We used to live in Silos. Not anymore. Thanks again for all you do.
-Jay Lifson, Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce 

David has built the Chamber Link from scratch and grown it to include virtually every active West Contra Costa Chamber.The Chamber Link has become a valuable and important resource for the business community.
- Ivette Ricco, Past President, Pinole Chamber of Commerce 

I just wanted to let you know that from the beginning of The Chamber Link I thought “what a great idea!...having all the chambers know each other’s schedule.”It is a great opportunity for chambers to cross/network. I know that we get a few extra people to attend our function simply Because they have heard if from The Chamber Link.

Thank you David for doing an outstanding job maintaining the Chamberlink Website for all our chamber activities.
- Candy Kattenburg, Executive Director, Orinda Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber Link does a great job of helping our Alamo Chamber of Commerce attract new faces and ultimately members. Being a small newer chamber we have to “try harder” to let neighboring communities know about our events and the great opportunities we offer. The Chamber Link helps us spread the word every week. Thanks for your great connect!
- Sharon Schuyler, Chief Operating Officer, Alamo Chamber of Commerce 

We love The Chamber Link! 
- Stewart L. Bambino, President/CEO, San Ramon Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber Link is a wonderful resource for our community and we have had success in communicating important information with this vehicle as well as growing attendance at our area events. It is great to a have an all encompassing community resource that serves so many so well
- Karen Rice, Regional Development Director, Northern California, Constant Contact 

Thank you to David de Leeuw of The Chamber Link for creating a means to connect all Chambers of Commerce in the Bay Area utilizing today's technology, the Internet, to promote networking throughout our region. The Chamber Link is fast, efficient and a communications connection for us. Simply put - an outstanding organization.
- Connie Rodgers, President/CEO, San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Link has quick and easy to read information, encourages members to attend other businesses for knowledge and support, and isn't full of distracting fillers. The Chamber Link also is current and has supportive and positive energy geared towards promoting small businesses and helping businesses help themselves.
– Chris MacArthur 

The Chamber Link is a valuable tool for small business owners. With the volume of networking opportunities out there, it's overwhelming. The Chamber Link provides a clear, concise one-stop shop to learn about networking opportunties that I can attend to build my business.
- Tricia Hoekwater, Ease & Grace Solutions 

I’m excited to receive The Chamber Link. I don’t always have time to read the whole thing, but it’s a wealth of information and I almost always find a seminar or mixer that I would be interested in attending. Your emails continue to provide valuable information which without I don’t think I would have a way of knowing about what’s happening in the surrounding communities. Thanks for the valuable information you send.
- Karen Pulos 

The Chamber Link is THE go to resource for everything happening in our County. I look forward to getting it and always refer to it prior to scheduling any event.
- Shelby McNamara, President, Danville Area Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber Link keeps me in the know. Whenever I need an opportunity to uncover new leads or see what my neighboring Chambers are up to….I simply pull up the site and ZAP! New energy flows! This is a must have tool in my business development briefcase.
- Sharon Schuyler, College of Alameda One Stop Career Center 

The Chamber Link has added greater exposure for our Chamber. It’s also is a great way for our members to know what other networking opportunities are happening in near by cities. Thanks Chamber Link!
- Susan Lane, President/CEO, American Canyon Chamber of Commerce 

I wanted to write to you because in one email I can see all the mixers and chamber events for the whole week. This saves me time and also allows me to focus my week on which chamber mixers to attend.
- Stephen Martinez ABS Direct Inc. Business Development Manager 

As the Publicity Chair for the Alamo Chamber of Commerce, I find our association with the Chamber Link to be most helpful to our organization as well as to the other Chambers in our area. It’s very rewarding to contact the Link with information regarding our activities and have it sent out to so many other groups. - Bruce Marhenke 

The Chamber Links our community! We appreciate all that it does and continues to do for our town of San Anselmo, CA
- Tina Cheplick

The Chamber Link is a great way to connect with other local businesses in a friendly and professional way. Please (continue to) give us the support we need to continue. Thank you. 
- Loretta Siegel, the Family Tutor and Music teacher

The first day that the ad was on The Chamber link I got a call from ITT Tech to be a speaker at their Green Tech Summit last Friday. It was a good event. I do not know if I will get any work from it yet but...I think my intuition (to sponsor The Chamber Link) was good.nb 
- Nelda H. Braver, BRAVER DESIGNS

And big thanks for helping to promote this (event) - we love your organization! - Suzanne Whipple, Executive Director, Cotati Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center 

I just wanted to thank you again for getting my ad up and for helping me with the process. Last week, the day after my ad was on the front page, a new client called me directly from my TheChamberLink ad. That was the fastest response I have ever gotten from any ad! Thank you again. 
- Evanne Jordan,

Our ad in the Chamber Link looks fantastic. Thank you! - Kristina Gilbert, The Tile & Stone Experience

MEGA Thank You to David at The Chamber Link for helping me get the word out about this event and helping me get in contact with so many of you. My personal testimonial for David is: The Chamber Link has been an invaluable resource. When planning this mixer the phylosophy behind it was to help businesses network in a "one stop shop" setting. Allowing them to maximize their opportunities without spending too much of their valuable time. The Chamber Link has provided me this same ability in reaching all of you.
- Wendee Williamson, Express Employment Professionals

The Chamber Link is a valuable resource to our staff as well as our members. Some of our members participate in multiple chamber functions and can find all the information they need in one place. The Chamber Link has also introduced non members to our events and services.
- Marilyn Fowler, Chief Operations Officer, Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

There is an old saying, “when you’ve seen one chamber of commerce, you have seen one chamber of commerce.” Chambers take on the personality of their community. Their core values are tied to the same values the members of the city have. In the past, we as organizations were very insular only interested in local affairs. That paradigm has changed. Now chambers are finding common ground including networking opportunities for their members. The Chamber Link has given us all an opportunity to see what the other chambers are doing and a chance to visit their events and interact with their members. This is one way we can all add value to our members experience.
- Jay Lifson, Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

Very informative. Excellent service.
- Myrna Johnson, Secretary, The Positive Edge Experience

I like The Chamber Link and recommend it several times a week at networking events
- Nelda H. Braver, BRAVER DESIGNS

Thanks for all the services you have provide to the East County Communities over the past year.
- Karen James Smith, DirectorAntioch Chamber of Commerce

Great site…good job! This is something the community has needed for a long time. Thanks.
- Stewart L. Bambino, President/CEO, San Ramon Chamber of Commerce

The proactive approach reflected in your message is beyond service excellence. Thanks for your help. The Chamber Link is in our independent view an excellent example of what every Chamber should fully support.
- William H. Thompson, Principal, The Thompson Group 
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